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Welcome to Corporate Health!

We are glad that you found the time to visit us! We hope that our website will offer you some useful information and insight to begin developing an understanding about the importance of services we offer to businesses, organizations, employees and their families; about the benefits to employers, human resources, safety officers, medical personnel and even finance departments. What do finances have to do with our services? Research studies show that timely, confidential and professional interventions with these types of services provide a positive impact on the profitability of a company.
You can download a free presentation on Business Reasons for Employee Assistance Programs from the “Efficacy Assessment” section of our website. The data provided there may surprise you!

We realize that no two organizations are identical, and therefore no one standard method or program will match every company’s needs. Corporate environments and experiences vary greatly, just as their needs and expectations. This is why I want to assure you right away that Corporate Health works with all client-organizations on providing the exact services they need and want, taking into consideration the company’s structure and type of services. We have the experience of offering services using a variety of methods. We can share with you the decisions that other companies made in relation to promoting these programs, results that came from different methods, and examples for policies and procedures. Naturally, we will do this strictly confidentially, so as not to harm any of our clients…
We invite you to browse our website. We hope that you find what you are looking for here. Please, leave your comments about our website using the “Contacts” section of our website. Your comments and suggestions will help us to better answer not only your questions, but also those of other visitors. Thank you again for visiting our site!

Alexander Shtoulman, MD
General Director of Corporate Health LLC


Our Standarts

In our work we are guided by proven standards of service set by the world's leading organizations:
logo-EAPThe Employee Assistance Professionals Association, EAPA www.eapassn.org/
Employee Assistance Society of North America, EASNA www.easna.org/
logo_eaefEmployee Assistance European Forum www.eaef.org/
The Australian Association of EAP Professionals www.eapaa.org.au
Standards of EAP Services: Hyperlink www.eapassn.org/files/public/EAPASTANDARDS10.pdf