Corporate Health Specialists

Our specialists are all highly trained doctors, psychologists, social workers and law professionals that have at least 5 years of consulting experience in their respective fields.

With the help of our international partners, our specialists have undergone trainings to prepare them for working within the specific parameters of an Employee Assistance Program.

We follow the world-wide standards of care in the field of mental, emotional and behavioral health, specifically designed for working with corporate clients. We are constantly providing continuous education to all specialists in their respective fields to guarantee the best possible service. Additionally, we are constantly monitoring the feedback of our clients in order to provide the highest quality of service.

General Director of Corporate Health – Alexander Shtoulman, MD. General Director of Corporate Health – Alexander Shtoulman PhotoAlexander worked in the fields of counseling, cardiology and intensive therapy. Since 1990, Dr. Shtoulman has been studying counseling in the area of addictions. He has done individual consulting on the topic of addictions, and has participated in the development and implementation of educating consultants in the area of addictions at the Moscow State Psychological-Pedagogical University. Dr.Shtoulman first took part in EAP programming in 1998, during the first attempt of introduce this new idea to Russia. In 2006 he coordinated the EAP program for a large international company and since 2008, he has been one of the founders and owners of Corporate Health LLC.LinkedIn
Business development director of Corporate Health – Aleksey BuryachenkoBusiness development director of Corporate Health – Aleksey Buryachenko PhotoAleksey joined the Corporate Health team in October, 2013. He is a graduate of Saratov State University, where he studied Economics, organization management and philology. He has participated in a number of advanced trainings on topics including sales system creation and development, big contract negotiation and other sales-related trainings. His work experience includes working as a sales expert at Nexia Finance group as well as a commercial director at LLC “Capital Consulting”. LinkedIn
Clinical Coordinator of Corporate Health Alexandra Alexandra PerevezentsevaPerevezentseva, psychologist, graduated Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis. Professional experience in counseling incudes work in Cancer Center named by Blokhin, providing support to parents of the kids in the process of long term treatment; counseling support to inpatient patients of venerology facility. Alexandra worked as teacher-psychologist and social worker conducting group therapy to kids with different physical and mental disorders, facilitated adaptation to new living environment and provided counseling to the parents of “problem” kids along with family counseling.

Since 2010 Alexandra started private practice in individual and group counseling.

Alexandra entered position of Clinical Coordinator of Corporate Health since 2012

Kenneth Burgess, Lead Consultant, Rehabilitation psychologist, Houston, IL, U.S. Photo of Ken BurgessKen Burgess is a relationship-focused international behavioral health care professional with more than 25-years of global experience. His ability to network and partner with those from other cultures has enabled him to bring many difficult projects to fruition. As a consultant, Ken has helped to develop and implement programming in more than 100 countries. As an owner/partner, he managed the successful startup and continuing operations of Solutions, Latin America, a workplace services company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil