Employees and their families

What do employees receive through using EAP or other Corporate Health programs?

A service that aids in finding solutions for various life issues

Businesspeople With Digital Tablet Having Meeting InOfficeAt the heart of this service is specialized short-term counseling, aimed at solving specific problems and creating an individual action plan.

The range of situations in which employees can contact the EAP is not practically unlimited, and includes:

–          Difficulties in relationships: at home and at work

–          Parenting questions

–          Emotional problems: anxiety and depression

–          Issues of substance abuse (alcohol, psychoactive drugs, prescription drugs)

–          Mental disorders

–          Financial difficulties (the creation and management of a budget)

–          Legal consultations

–          Dissatisfaction with work and career issues

–          And much more

The EAP does not replace the existing medical, psychiatric, financial and legal services, but helps to determine what the employee can do to solve the presenting problem, and how to most effectively utilize existing resources.

Employee Assistance Program features:

–          The service is free for employees

–          Benefits are available not only to the workers themselves, but also their immediate family members

–          Use of EAP is completely voluntary

–          EAP operates in strict confidentiality, which is reflected in the Agreement with the client company and meets the requirements made by laws of the Russian Federation

Most employees are drawn to these services on their own, but EAP offers a certain administrative resource: with repeated violations of conduct at work or loss of productivity, a manager or supervisor can direct the employee to the EAP to determine the problems that are negatively impacting work performance and search for solutions. The presence of such a service supplements the existing disciplinary process with a corrective action process. Contacting the EAP in this case remains voluntary for the employee.

Services offered:

–          Free telephone number to access EAP services on a 24 hour / 7 days a week basis

–          From 5 to 10 consultations (face to face or by telephone) on each presented issue. The number of calls is not limited

–          Legal guidance – 1 consultation for each case is available by phone

–          Introductory seminar with employees on the use of EAP and its features