Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Assistance Programs were first introduced over 50 years ago in order to help employees cope with problems caused by alcohol abuse and addiction. Over time, these programs evolved to focusing on solving almost any problem that prevents employees from concentrating on their work, and increasing safety and productivity.

An EAP is a professional approach to personal and work-related issues that has proven to be effective. This service improves safety and productivity, maintaining a positive effect on the profitability of the company. EAP is a professional resource that focuses on work performance, developed for the early identification and resolution of workplace and personal problems that lead to violations of safety and productivity. Most workers are drawn to the service voluntarily; however, there is an element of intervention on the basis of violations at the workplace, which allows the manager or supervisor to refer the problem employee as soon as possible.

EAP offers a professional assessment of the situation, brief solution-focused counseling, financial, legal, and other support services to help employees who encounter personal difficulties or problems at work. Corporate Health makes every effort to protect, maintain and enhance the health and well-being of employees and the company in a manner that effectively supports business goals, objectives and values ​​of our clients.

In developed countries, more than 90% of companies with more than 1000 employees use employee assistance services.

Recent studies indicate that problems and difficulties in the daily life of workers inevitably have an impact on job performance. Therefore, companies are becoming increasingly interested in providing assistance to employees in dealing with such problems.

EAP is a service that aims to assist employees in dealing with the various problems that may eventually have a negative impact on health, safety and productivity.

What can the company expect?

EAP has a preventive aspect. If the employees are actively using the program services, their problems are solved before any negative impact on work performance.

If 3% to 6 % of employees per year are utilizing the service, the program is effective. EAP helps the company achieve higher performance efficiency. The company can expect a return on investment (Link to article on effectiveness)

Employees appreciate their employer’s concern for their well-being, and these services help to create a positive atmosphere in the organization.

HR managers and executives

EAP does not question the competence of HR managers. However, when the behavior of workers is affected by personal problems, they need professional help, which is beyond the scope of responsibilities of HR managers. Managers may contact the EAP for guidance on how to more effectively manage the behavior of problem employees. EAP guidance enables managers to delegate this extraneous responsibility, to remain within their scope of responsibility, to save time and, ultimately, to have reliable workers.

At the heart of this service is specialized short-term counseling, aimed at solving specific problems and creating an individual action plan.

The range of situations with which workers can contact the EAP is not particularly limited, and includes:

–          Difficulties in relationships: at home and at work

–          Parenting questions

–          Emotional problems: anxiety and depression

–          Questions about substance use (alcohol, psychoactive drugs, prescription drugs)

–          Mental disorders

–          Financial difficulties ( the creation and management of a personal budget )

–          Legal consultation

–          Dissatisfaction with work and career issues

–          And much more

Support does not replace the existing medical, psychiatric, financial or legal services, but helps to determine what the employee can do to solve the presented problem and how to most effectively use existing resources.

Program specifics:

–          EAP is acting for two clients: the individual employee and the company. Therefore, all actions are aimed at resolving conflicts between the employee and the employer, should they arise.

–          The service is free for employees

–          Benefits are available not only to the workers themselves, but also to their immediate family members

–          Contacting the Program is solely voluntary

–          EAP operates in strict confidence, which is reflected in the contract with the company and meets the requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation

Most workers are drawn to these services on their own, but EAP also offers an administrative resource: Repeated violations of conduct at work or decreased productivity can allow a manager to direct the employee to the EAP to identify the problems and search for solutions. The presence of such a service supplements the existing process of disciplinary measures and corrective action. Contacting the EAP, even in this case, remains voluntary.

Range of Services:

–          Free telephone line and number to access the services on a 24 hour / 7 days a week basis

–          From 5 to 10 consultations (face to face or by telephone) on each presented issue. The number of calls is not limited.

–          Legal guidance – 1 consultation for each case is available by phone

–          Introductory seminars with employees on the topic of EAP features

–          Training for supervisors and managers in the referrals of problem employees

–          Guidance for supervisors and managers

–          Assistance in the development of materials for employees

–          Quarterly and annual confidential reports of the use of EAP and recommendations to improve effectiveness and utilization

The set of services listed above is a typical combination used by our clients. However, services can be customized to fit the individual needs of a particular company.