For Expatriating Employees

Businessman in office space with a desk globeCorporate Health’s Expatriate Support Program is designed to be a comprehensive facilitation tool for all your expatriate adjustment needs. Working with expatriates can be a wonderful experience that adds life and vibrancy to a company. However, with this style of employment, comes a host of problems that can end up costing the company time, money and valuable employees. Moving to a new country brings with it new opportunities but also many challenges. The unusual food, foreign language, new people and different customs are just a few examples. Adapting to a new life can be difficult, not only for the employee but for the members of his/her family.

Difficulties in adaptation can lead to employees not meeting company expectations, willingly or not. With the Expatriate Support Program, we are with you every step of the way, from picking appropriate employees to helping them adjust to new surroundings and assignments, and even to repatriation if needed. We are here to mitigate unnecessary costs to your company and to remove the stress of adjustment from you and your employees.

The holistic approach of the Expatriate Support Programs offers services such as:

–    Individual counseling

–    Group counseling

–    Informational services, including regular contacts with every expatriate

–    Community resources

–    Guided acclimation assistance

–    Cross-Cultural Adaptability Assessment to evaluate any employee’s readiness for an international move

We help achieve optimal results in expatriate assignments for workers, their families and the company.


Our Standarts

In our work we are guided by proven standards of service set by the world's leading organizations:
logo-EAPThe Employee Assistance Professionals Association, EAPA
Employee Assistance Society of North America, EASNA
logo_eaefEmployee Assistance European Forum
The Australian Association of EAP Professionals
Standards of EAP Services: Hyperlink