Types of Programs and Services

Corporate Health provides workplace support services in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Employers can feel reassured knowing that there is a positive and effective service to help their employees overcome the difficulties that usually go unaddressed. Our customers can be assured that they enter into an agreement with an organization that fully understands the importance of health, safety and productivity in the workplace.

We are often asked what types of services we offer. What we provide to your company depends on many factors, so we usually offer a range of options, each of which can be discussed. We think it best to offer opportunities. This creates a freedom of choice!  We are convinced that the key to success in the field of behavioral health is the preliminary work necessary for understanding customer needs, the competitive field, the internal culture and business strategies. Our customers do not buy ready-made solutions – they hold investments in the creative process. It is in this process, that requires a series of changes and clarifications, that the final product is born. As a result of this process, we hear our customers say: «Yes. This is what we need. This is what we were looking for. »

Corporate Health offers a range of services capable of addressing your specific needs and objectives:

–          Employee Assistance Program

–          Expatriate Support Program

–          Workplace Drug and Alcohol Abuse Intervention

–          Stress Management

–          Smoking Cessation

–          Immediate Response to Critical Workplace Incidents

–          Wellness and Well-being programs

–          Research and Evaluation of Program Effectiveness

You can download the presentation on Creating a Healthy Workplace