Workplace Drug and Alcohol Abuse Intervention

Alcohol and substance abuse are recognized as one of the most prominent problems in Russia. Partners of Corporate Health have many decades of experience in providing successful care for people suffering from problems caused by substance abuse. Currently, we provide the following services and programs in Russia, and our efforts receive excellent results. We are ready to help any employer in responding to these problems quickly, correctly and efficiently.

The effect of alcohol abuse on safety, productivity and health is undeniable. Many of the consequences go unseen because information about personal alcohol abuse focuses on people whose problems have gone too far and cannot go unnoticed. The purpose of implementing such a program is to increase safety and productivity, as well as improve the health of employees.

The program is designed to identify problems early on, long before the employee comes to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

no alcohol conceptThe Workplace Drug and Alcohol Abuse Intervention Program is based on a system of managing safety, behavior and productivity. The problems caused by alcohol and drug abuse are not always linked with such destructive behavior. Managers are not trained or skilled in identifying the causes of safety or productivity violations, when the causes are personal problems of employees. Most of the violations caused by alcohol or drugs remain undetected. Cases of drunkenness on the job are associated with employees whose problems have gone too far and have been present for at least 10-15 years.

In this regard, the central element of the program is to train a program specialist – this can be a social worker, a psychologist or a medical professional who has mastered the skills needed to identify the causes of problems at work and direct workers to appropriate resources for the help needed.

The second important aspect of the program is referring distressed workers to the program specialist to assess the causes of violations and offer appropriate assistance. These referrals are made solely on the basis of job performance, along with the use of conventional disciplinary action, and are not based on information about an employee’s personal alcohol use. International experience shows that well-conducted interventions and referrals lead to the fact that up to 80 % of referred workers recognize the problem and accept the proposed assistance.

It is important that external experts are involved only at the stage of preparation, implementation and development of the program. In the future, this program is entirely controlled by the company.

Services offered by Corporate Health in the implementation the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Intervention:

• Research study on the prevalence of problems in the company

• Assistance in establishing and improving the efficiency of company policies

• Assistance in the development of materials and program policies

• Assistance in the creation of the program’s council and the development of a work plan

• Research and development of testing for alcohol / drugs

• Training of the program specialist

• Presentations to senior management

• Training for managers regarding referring problem employees to the program

• Training for the company’s health workers on the process of referring employees with medical symptoms of alcohol / drug abuse to the program specialist

• Help in changing the system of disciplinary measures and transitioning into a system of corrective measures

• Introductory program presentations for employees

• Support for the company and the program specialist: advice and materials

• Develop and conduct awareness-raising campaigns (handouts, posters, pamphlets, text messages and calls, seminars and trainings)

• Study the effectiveness of programs and recommendations