Workplace Health Risk Assessment

It is known that currently, people’s health is most negatively influenced by two groups of diseases that not only reduce longevity and quality of life, but are also responsible for a large part of work absences. These are cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Confident doctor points to, if as she's aiming. Isolated on a white.Characteristics specific to these diseases include an initial period that stays hidden, and disease development is largely due to lifestyle. Therefore, diseases can be suspended if risk is found an assessed early on.

The Health Risk Assessment is intended for achieving earlier risk detection and the provision of assistance in determining the actions needed for prevention of these diseases.

Health Risk Assessment includes four components:

–    Biometric testing – identifying hidden risks for these diseases

–    Gathering information about certain aspects of life that contribute to the development of risk: smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity, and nutrition

–    Education – raising awareness of the risks and teaching how to alter lifestyle to be more healthy

–    Individual coaching to change lifestyle when risks are present

Carrying out such a program fosters employee health, reduces sick leave and the associated losses to the company, while also reducing company costs related to health insurance of employees.


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